Tug Rocker

The Tug Rocker is an unfolding wooden see-saw with a gentle motion that can encourage fantasy play and storytelling on a nautical theme without getting wet! A fascinating foldaway see-saw for 2-4 year olds with a gentle rocking motion.


The space saving design has three sections with front and back ends pivoting into the main body for storage. The main section has a slot-in mast, ‘steering wheel’, ‘speed control’ and ‘radio phone’, in case of trouble at sea! There is a hold space under the bow seat where the ‘anchor’ is stored, and a tool locker in the stern where surprises can be hidden away! Like the original award-winning Fantasy Cube it is a unique design providing a sturdy piece of play furniture for groups of 3 to 4 pre-school children to play in, on and around.


The Tug Rocker comes with a set of interlocking tool pegs which can become flags, lights, radar, microphones or jelly fish depending on the children's’ imagination!


Hand built from high quality birch plywood, with brightly coloured parts beautifully stained to enhance the natural wood grain. Used alongside a Fantasy Cube or a Jumbo Folding Playbox the Tug will form an exciting play area. Children can link the two ‘vehicles’ together and the ‘tool’ pegs are interchangeable.

Size open: 48 X 115 X 46 cm. ( 19 X 45 X 18 in. )
Size closed: 48 X 54 X 46 cm. ( 19 X 21 X 18 in. )
Conforms to EN71 safety standards.
Tug Rockers are hand built to order, usually within 4 weeks.
Designed for age range 2 to 4 years.

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Tug Rocker open

...a fascinating foldaway see-saw for 2-4 year olds with a gentle rocking motion...

Tug Rocker closed

click to see how the tug rocker
folds away for easy storage

Tug Rocker and Captain!