BeActive Box

A portable activity space specifically designed for young children who are blind or have profound and multiple handicaps.

  • 3 sided wooden box with clear shatterproof top
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Encourages movement and exploration
  • Quick and easy to erect and pack away
  • Strong carry bag available
  • Designed by a qualified teacher of visually impaired children

A child placed in a BeActive Box is cut off from outside noise and can listen to the sounds that she makes when moving about and touching the objects suspended in the Box. These should be things that have contrasting textures or make sounds. Beads, bells, metal and plastic spoons, crinkly paper, plastic plates and bunches of keys are all items which will feel interesting to a visually impaired child and encourage him or her to move about, discover and play.

Children with a severe visual impairment and/or profound multiple disability are placed in a BeActive Box so that they can learn that movement will result in them making contact with objects that sound and feel interesting. This will teach them that there are objects "out there" waiting to be discovered and played with - something which blind or brain-damaged children often take a long time to discover for themselves.

The BeActive Box creates an accoustic unit which allows the child to hear the sounds which they themselves make through movement or contact. In this way the BeActive Box encourages such children to become active learners rather than passive listeners. Further information about the theory behind this approach can be obtained from Lilli Nielsen's books (available from the RNIB Book Catalogue )


Size open: 60 X 60 X 45cm. ( 24 X 24 X 18 in.)
Size closed: 60 X 45 X 7cm. ( 24 X 18 X 3 in.)
Delivery time 3 - 4 weeks.

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BeActive box

BeActive Box in use